10 Things to Do on #NationalPizzaDay

February 9, 2022

With National Pizza Day celebrated on February 9, 2022, it’s maybe time to think how you can celebrate it, especially if you have a Valoriani wood fired oven from Orchard Ovens.

Pizza has become a regular foodie treat for people the world over, but did you know the world’s most expensive pizza was concocted in the original home of pizza – Italy? It was the 20cm creation of Renato Viola in Salerno, cost $12,000 and used organic Arabian flour-based dough. 72 hours in the making, it was topped with ingredients including grains of pink Australian sea-salt from the Murray River, Norwegian lobster, three different types of caviar and seven types of cheese.

Whilst we are not suggesting you go to these lengths with your wood fired oven delights this #NationalPizzaDay, there are a few things you could do, to make it a memorable day.

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