Orchard Ovens, based in Lancashire, is owned by the Anglo-Italian Manciocchi Family

Orchard Ovens, based in Lancashire, is owned by the Anglo-Italian Manciocchi Family. The business was founded by Andrew Manciocchi in 2002 when he introduced authentic wood-fired ovens to the UK residential market.

Andrew’s passion to make the perfect pizza at home drove him to search for a wood-fired oven of his own. Hampered by the early death of his father and onset dementia with his nonna, he was forced to make his own Italian connections. Andrew introduced his young children, Dino and Christina, to the cultures and flavours of Italy by holidaying there annually and it was on one of these holidays that he happened upon world renowned manufacturer, Valoriani, only 9km from where they were staying.

Andrew arranged to meet Mr Valoriani with his friend and soon-to-be colleague, Matt, and negotiated a ‘for-life’ exclusive distribution deal (on the promise of 5 sales in the first year).

Orchard Ovens was born in 2002 and the first sale was to their own bank manager!

In 2010 Andrew joined forces with Jamie Oliver and they spent the next 4 years developing the market. Andrew’s son, Dino, was gaining experience, helping the business from age 14 and by the time Dino was 21, the father and son team decided to ‘go it alone’ and parted on friendly terms from Jamie.

Orchard Ovens has grown a loyal team of employees including their Artisan install team headed by Bart, Andrew’s surrogate son and a database of customers that would be the envy of many! They continue to develop the business with Andrew’s daughter, Christina and Dino’s Fiancée Victoria, joining the team.

Orchard Ovens is keen to continue to bring their customers an expanding choice of quality, authentic products from a close family of carefully chosen suppliers. Combined with great ideas and aspirations for the future of the business, Orchard Ovens is well placed to support their customers for decades to come.