How do I know which oven size is best for me?

We at Orchard Ovens understand that everyone’s wood fired cooking and entertaining needs are different. Having a clear vision about what you are going to use your oven for and what kind of dishes you are going to cook in it is a good starting point.

How do I light my oven and operate it?

Knowing how to get your oven up to the right temperature is critical for the best cooking results. Here we explain how to start a fire in your oven and maintain it plus some operating tips to ensure you have the best experience.

How do I clean and look after my wood fired oven?

Care and maintenance of your oven is essential if you are to enjoy the benefits of cooking in a wood fired oven for years to come. Here are some of the key factors we suggest you bear in mind to look after your oven.


As our artisan built ovens contain natural ‘cotto’ clay materials a new oven may contain some moisture within the dome sections and the cooking floor. This is quite normal from the manufacturing process and it is important to dry this moisture out gradually by ‘curing’ your oven before use. ?

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Being able to compare the various attributes of our ovens is now even easier and all in one place thanks to our handy oven kit comparison sheet.

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Our Tuscan grills are made from plasma cut mild steel and just like a wrought iron pan or skillet they need ‘seasoning’ so that they won’t rust. To find out how please read our guide: How to season your Tuscan Grill?

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