I grew up in an Anglo-Italian family, where mealtimes and life was very much a 50/50 split between English and Italian cuisine, values and traditions. One ‘claim to fame’ is that I was schooled at Kimbolton – the castle which was the exiled home of Katherine of Aragon (for all you Wolf Hall trilogy fans!) A 20-year Insurance career saw me covering roles in IT and underwriting and I became UK Warranty Underwriting Manager, aged 30. This paved the way for my own insurance administration business, where Motability was my main client. As that contract drew to a close, I decided on a different path. I channelled a love of wood-fired ovens, acquired on dreamy Tuscan holidays, into my own business, Orchard Ovens, which I founded with the aim of creating and establishing a market for wood fired ovens in the UK. During the business journey, still continuing today, we enjoyed a four-year interlude in partnership with Jamie Oliver. This inspired my love of cooking further and, for four years, I ran my own restaurant alongside the ovens’ business. With grown children and grandchildren now in the Manciocchi family, my motivation is that of striving to create a business from which they will draw the same pride and pleasure as myself.