I’m married to Gill and have one son called Jack and a cat called Charlie. I have had various jobs, but once I saw the reaction of everyone to the fantastic food being cooked by Andrew in his wood fired oven during a party in his garden, I was hooked. Andrew had the idea to bring these fabulous products to the UK market and asked if I would like to join him which I did.

My son Jack has grown up using a wood fired oven and we still use our oven on a regular basis even after 16 years. All our friends love to help us enjoy great times and the fabulous food that our oven produces, bringing a little of the Mediterranean to our back garden.

Being a part of this business is like being part of an extended family, all working to be the name that is synonymous with wood fired cooking. I feel privileged to be part of this “family” helping people achieve “La Dolce Vita” right here in the UK.