Boxed Roofed

March 3, 2021

Starting from £10,800.00

This simpler solution keeps things fully waterproof and allows you to add all-important insulation for your wood-fired oven, to a degree that a rendered dome cannot accommodate, keeping your oven lovely and warm. Inject your personality into its design, as it can be completely individualised!


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Some of the common features of this type of build are: That the shape and design of the enclosure and the type of roof are only limited by your imagination and space. The finish on the enclosure can be rendered and painted, brick, block, stone etc. The oven mouth too can be customised if desired and a customised base which can provide worksurfaces or can be finished flush with the oven enclosure.
All our builds come with a full 12 month warranty on the oven and materials/construction (Terms and Conditions apply).

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