March 4, 2021

Starting from £9,600.00

If you wish to keep your oven tucked away, so as not overpower your garden or terrace space, consider this solution. All you will see is the oven’s mouth, as the body is neatly hidden behind a fascia wall. You get the delights of a woodfired oven, without sacrificing outdoor footprint.


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Some of the common features of this type of build are: That the shape and design of the oven mouth can be customised to fit in with the décor or style/theme of the kitchen/entertaining area. The oven enclosure is hidden away behind a wall/partition and can itself be customised to be as unobtrusive as possible. The flue system is designed to be compliant with regulations for internal installations and will always be routed for the best solution.
All our builds come with a full 12 month warranty on the oven and materials/construction (Terms and Conditions apply).

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