Fornino – Stainless Steel Chimney Flue

March 27, 2021


150mm dia stainless steel flue for the Fornino Al Fresco 60 and 75 ovens plus other single wall flue applications.

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This single wall stainless steel flue is intended for outdoor use only and is ideal for ensuring that the majority of the smoke from the oven is expended above head height. This flue can be used on other ovens with a 150mm dia flue requirement.

If you are intending to use your Fornino Al Fresco inside, we recommend you speak to us about your flue options to ensure your installation complies with applicable legislation and/or regulations. Please use the website enquiry form to contact us.
Supplied in 1000mm length x 150mm dia. 100% Made in Italy
Standard delivery up to 5 days/next day/or Saturday
12 month manufacturers warranty. Please see our Terms of Sale.

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