Rendered Domes

March 2, 2021

Starting from £9,000.00

This is the simplest of our wood-fired oven builds and we can craft you a traditional Mediterranean cement dome in 3-5 days, dependent on the type of base and extras chosen. The dome’s shape is adjustable, to suit your aesthetic. We can even personalise the base, to give you the work surface you prefer.


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Some of the common features and options of this type of build are: That the shape of the ‘dome’ can vary depending upon your vision, the most popular shape is the Tuscan style dome or you might prefer an ice cream twist, or bottle neck? The finish on the dome can be plain rendered, painted or given a Neapolitan touch with Mosaic tiles which look stunning. The oven mouth too can be customised in contrasting brick/stone if so desired and a customised base which can provide worksurfaces or can be finished flush with the dome.
All our builds come with a full 12 month warranty on the oven and materials/construction (Terms and Conditions apply).

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