Rack(s) of Lamb (French trimmed if required)
One large onion
Two cloves of garlic
Two celery sticks
Four large carrots
Two potatoes
12 Cherry tomatoes
100ml of Tomato Passata
One tablespoon of olive oil
250ml of lamb stock
250ml white wine
100ml marsala wine
Tablespoon of dried oregano
Tablespoon of mint
Tablespoon of fresh chopped parsley
Salt and pepper to season

Rack of Lamb pot roast

Slice and chop the onion and garlic

Slice the potato, carrot and celery in the large julien style (large batons)Pour the oil into the pot and add all of the dry ingredients. Stir to coat the ingredients in the oil.

Leave the pot uncovered in the mouth of the oven until the onion is softened and the meat browned.

If preferred, turn the rack over and move the vegetables out of the way of the rack to ensure maximum contact with the bottom of the pot this helps to ensure the fat renders down and the outside becomes crispy before adding wine and stock.

Add the red wine, marsala and passata and stock season with salt and pepper put the lid on the pot and put into the oven.

Check occasionally and add more liquid, if necessary. In a hot oven (over 300c) the dish will take around 30mins for the lamb to remain pink inside, longer if you prefer the meat darker.

Alternatively add 500ml of cold water and leave in the oven overnight.

Suitable for one or more racks of lamb.

For this dish you will need an oven proof pot with lid, a cast iron one is recommended.