Ingredients Vanilla custard (a good quality variety such as Sainsbury’s Madagascan)
Shortbread biscuits (crushed)
Punnet of strawberries
10 leaves of mint
Runny honey or 150gms of vanilla sugar
1 vanilla pod
3 chopped ginger chunks in syrup
Rind of one lemon
Quarter of a bottle of Marsala wine

Put the good quality vanilla custard into a jug, ready to serve cold.

Crush the good quality shortbread biscuits in a bag and then place in a bowl.

Remove the green leaf from the strawberries and then sit them pointy side up in a large enamel dish. Fill the dish tightly.

Pour over the Marsala (you can use Pimms, if you prefer)

Halve the vanilla pods, remove the seeds and ensure they go into the juice. Throw in the pods.

Grate the rind of one lemon over the top.

Thinly slice three stems of ginger and scatter over the strawberries.

Throw in the stalks of six mint leaves.

Put the six mint leaves into the sauce.

Sprinkle over the vanilla sugar or drizzle with runny honey.

Cook the strawberries in a hot oven until the tops caramelise and the sauce bubbles.

Serve around five strawberries per person on a plate, with the custard poured over the top, adding a good sprinkling of the shortbread, to finish.