Valoriani Wood Oven Creates Family Food Fun

March 19, 2021

A Fornino 60 wood fired oven has become an overnight sensation for Rohin Patel and his Lancashire-based family, who took their entertaining up a notch this summer, by purchasing a pizza oven. The fact that it wasn’t just any oven, but a Valoriani wood oven, did not happen by chance! The oven was purchased because Mr Patel’s brother had carried out thorough research into pizza ovens and determined that the Valoriani would be the most reliable, of all the brands researched. Aesthetics also played a part and the Valoriani Fornino 60’s look scored much higher than any pizza oven formed from stainless-steel. The versatility of the Valoriani oven, and its capacity to cook a variety of dishes, also ticked the right boxes for the Patel family.

The motivation behind the family looking for an oven was that of increasing their relaxation time outdoors, but they also wanted to have a garden feature that everyone could have fun with. That has worked out just fine, as Mr Patel and his brother are not the only ones to have been making the most of their Valoriani oven and experimenting with culinary creations. Mum, dad, grandad and lots of friends have all been able to have a go so far.

The result has been that the family has spent less time in front of the TV and more time out in the fresh air having food fun together. Their repertoire covers not just pizza, but also desserts, such as pies and crumbles, which have been cooked using the residual heat from the oven. They’ve also had a great time making flatbreads such as fresh naan and tandoori paneer and will be cooking much more besides.

The family has made the most of Orchard Ovens partner business Valoriani UK YouTube videos that demonstrate how to use the wood fired pizza oven and have channeled their knowledge of cooking in a tandoor into the experience, as there are some similarities.

Rohin Patel says: “We love the fact that we have an authentic Italian oven and were reassured by the heritage of the Valoriani brand, as making ovens for such a long time signified they are experts at what they do and a brand that builds a top-quality oven. We were then expertly guided by Dino Manciocchi, who helped us choose the right Valoriani to suit our lifestyle. Our faith in Valoriani and Orchard Ovens has proved justified. The oven is superb.

Whilst the investment was significant for us, we know this wood fired oven will last a lifetime and can move with us, if we move house. We wanted to be able to store the oven away over winter, even though it is fully weatherproof and could stay out in all weathers. With the Fornino 60, we can do that and bring it out again, when better weather returns.”

Being a Lancashire family, the Patels were able to visit the Orchard Ovens showroom and live demonstration area and see the ovens for themselves pre-purchase – an option open to any customer. They learned all about the use of it, and the installation process, and got an extra treat too.

“Orchard Ovens even gave us some starter wood for the oven,” says Mr Patel. “We couldn’t have asked for better service and support.”