Barbecue as well as Oven

Our superb Valoriani wood-fired ovens can actually multi-task and transform themselves into barbecues too, simply by adding what is called a Tuscan Grill.  This is ideal for those foods you like to ‘grill’, but the oven can also cook other delights that you might typically have enjoyed on your barbecue, such as skewers, or ‘spiedini’ as the Italians call them, sausages and steaks.

It’s very in-vogue to have an outdoor bar as part of your outdoor kitchen and al fresco entertaining zone and we have helped many homeowners establish their own little bit of pub heaven within the confines of their garden boundaries.

Sophisticated  garden party guests are now a little bored with barbecued food, so using the Tuscan Grill option can be a great way to move your guests to another form of outdoor entertaining and al fresco food extravaganza, without asking them to relinquish life with bangers and burgers altogether.

Nevertheless, in a full outdoor kitchen plan, we often find homeowners will still find a little space for a barbecue or grill, frequently opting for something more upmarket, such as a rotisserie grill, Brazilian barbecue or plancha.

And rest assured, if you are turning out barbecue-style grilled food from your wood-fired oven, you can still infuse your food with different flavours, just as you might do with charcoal.  Simply buy some speciality fruit woods and allow aromas to gently scent your garden – or, of course, fill your kitchen, if you are embracing wood-fired cookery indoors.

If you wish to demonstrate the full versatility of your oven, to your guests, or have a chef alongside you, to help you with your al fresco party, simply book our Orchard Ovens’ chefs’ service.

I have one of your Wood fired ovens which takes pride of place in my garden. It’s one of the best investments I have ever made. It makes the best pizzas you have ever eaten but is so versatile that it can be used for almost anything…

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