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The Outdoor Oven Owner’s Journey

When you come to Orchard Ovens, you won’t be subjected to a hard sell; our ovens can truly sell themselves.  What you will get is a team that cares about ensuring you get the right oven and outdoor cooking environment for your needs and your space, and the right outdoor kitchen or garden oven build, within your budget. 

Here’s how things typically work.

outdoor wood fired oven


Step 1

We discuss your vision with you on the phone and establish whether or not we believe our wood-fired ovens can suit your requirements. If we do not, we will be absolutely transparent and honest with you and explain what we think you should do, to realise your vision.

Step 2

If we both feel that we can work together on your plan, we ask you for photos of your outdoor space and the measurements of the area with which you have to work. If you have had architects’ plans drawn up, or have sketched out your own plan, we can also review those. If necessary, we can then arrange to make a site visit. Depending where you are based, this might be at a small charge, refundable, if the project goes ahead.  We will offer our view, based on the information we have at our disposal and suggest the sorts of materials and approach that might work.  We will also show you some past designs, to help inspire you and perhaps inform your choices and can produce what we think is a more workable design for you, based upon the measurements you provide, if we feel that is in your best interests.

Step 3

Once an order is placed and deposit paid, we will visit you and start to plan out the project, providing you with timescales. These could be influenced by the types of material you wish to incorporate and their lead-times but may also be down to the extent or complexity of the job. Each one is different, but we can typically complete an outdoor oven build in around 1-2 weeks and a full outdoor kitchen in around 6-10 weeks, if we are project managing the entire process.

Step 4

We will keep you informed at all stages and then, when all is finished, provide you with any training that you require with your wood-fired oven. We will always be available for any advice or help that you require, as you master your new skill and make the most of your new outdoor culinary zone and kitchen, or excitedly explore the possibilities, now you have a stunning wood-fired oven feature in your indoor kitchen.

I have one of your Wood fired ovens which takes pride of place in my garden. It’s one of the best investments I have ever made. It makes the best pizzas you have ever eaten but is so versatile that it can be used for almost anything…