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Outdoor kitchens and wood ovens – what do I need to know?

outdoor kitchenOutdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular over recent years. They give you the chance to embrace the open air whilst preparing meals and entertaining guests all year round. However, building a fantastic outdoor kitchen does require a great deal of preparation. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things you need to think about when creating an outdoor kitchen.


You may lose control of your spending if you don’t stick to a budget that you can afford. This means you need to carefully consider the cost of each element you might require, from the lighting to appliances, countertops and seating. High-quality materials may cost more but are likely to last longer. You will also need to add gas, electricity and running water to the area.

The space itself

Think about the environment in which you want to build your outdoor kitchen. Consider the impact of weather carefully when choosing materials like PVC which can warp in extreme temperatures. You can enhance the amount of usable space you have by adding outdoor heaters or a roof to your space. Many people opt for powder-coated finishes to protect appliances from the elements.


You will need to set up cold, hot, wet and dry areas when creating your outdoor kitchen. These need to be easily accessible from each other. Your cold area will be used for refrigeration, whilst your hot area will include cooking appliances. The wet area will be home to your sink and drink preparation facilities, whilst you can use your dry area for meal preparation. Make sure you have easy access to gas, electricity and water when planning your outdoor kitchen. 

Storage and food preparation

It’s common for people to invest in stainless steel cabinets for the storage of appliances and other items. Powder coating can help you avoid staining and corrosion. Food prep surface materials which work well in external environments including stone tile and granite. These are renowned for their strength, durability and aesthetic appeal.

Installing a wood oven

Many people have added wood ovens to their outdoor kitchen installations. These ovens are capable of reaching very high temperatures very quickly, can distribute heat evenly and add a distinctive smoked taste to dishes like pizzas. Wood-fired ovens are often made from bricks and cement and offer fantastic aesthetic appeal. A big advantage of installing a wood-fired oven is that it can cook a pizza in less than 90 seconds.

As these ovens are based on simple technology, they can last for a great deal of time as long as you clean and maintain them properly. When it comes to installing a wood oven, it’s always best to leave this task to the professionals as this will ensure it is installed correctly and safely. This will also stop you from wasting time and money. You should also have your wood oven inspected at least annually to check for cracks, bird nests and ash.

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