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Outdoor cooking – it’s all the rage!

outdoor kitchen cookingOutdoor cooking has become very popular over the years. The barbecue boom started way back in the 1950s in the United States, quickly spreading to countries like Australia, Germany, and the UK. There are many advantages attached to embracing the world of outdoor cooking, and its popularity is showing no signs of fading away, especially now facilities like outdoor kitchens and wood-fired ovens are in such high demand. Outdoor cooking can help us create fantastic memories, improve the nutritional quality of cuisine, and get us spending valuable time embracing the open air.

The benefits of outdoor cooking

Eating and drinking outside encourages us to spend more time outdoors and delivers valuable physical and emotional benefits. The air tends to be cleaner outside, and spending more time outdoors can also improve eye health by reducing our exposure to artificial light. Spending time outside also gives us valuable access to Vitamin D. When we don’t get enough of this essential vitamin, our moods can plummet, and our sleep quality can be affected. Another big benefit of cooking outdoors is that it means reducing our reliance on air conditioning systems, which can be costly to operate.

Outdoor cooking can be healthier

Grilling meats outdoors can mean fatty oils are removed from them before they are added to your plate. This in turn means that the number of calories we consume is reduced. A great deal of outdoor cooking involves grilling. When vegetables are grilled, they tend to be more nutritious.

Cooking outdoors is great for socialising

Many people prefer to spend time with their friends and family outdoors. Cooking outdoors can be very relaxing and gives you the chance to create magical memories with your loved ones in a bright and airy external setting whilst soaking up the atmosphere on your patio or in your garden. As you’ll be cooking close to your guests, you won’t feel left out whilst you are preparing the cuisine.

Outdoor kitchens can add value to your home

As outdoor kitchen installations have become so popular, they are a feature many people look for when they’re considering investing in a new home. The price you pay for an outdoor kitchen installation may be greatly eclipsed by the figure it adds to your property value. One of the latest ‘must-have’ outdoor cooking facilities is the wood-fired oven, which can add a delicious smoky flavour to treats like pizzas and cook them within just a few minutes.

Celebrity outdoor cooking

Outdoor cooking has been embraced by many celebrities. It only takes a few moments to find images of well-known figures like Meghan Markle, Gordon Ramsey and David Beckham using facilities like grills and barbecues outdoors. It seems like al fresco cooking is here to stay and only likely to become more popular over time.

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