Wood-fired Ovens For Winter World Cup Glory

Fans of the ‘beautiful game’ will know, there’s more to look forward to than usual this winter, with the FIFA World Cup kicking off in November for the first time in its 92-year history. What they may not realise is that part of the pre or post-match fun could be served up by a wood-fired oven from Orchard Ovens.

Qatar’s intense summer heat is the reason for the re-scheduling, with the first World Cup match having to take place on November 20th and the final due to be held on December 18th.

Getting the right oven for wood-fired World Cup entertaining

Whilst we won’t have the temperatures of Qatar in the UK, one thing we can be sure of, here at Orchard Ovens, is that your celebratory plans for the tournament can hit a high note with a Valoriani wood-fired pizza oven, whilst other ovens will let you down.

Whether you have already realised the huge potential of a wood-fired pizza oven, or are thinking about investing in one, you may be surprised to know that, in the cooler months of autumn and winter, a Valoriani wood-fired pizza oven really ‘out cooks’ the competition. 

Our football players will adjust to a new climate, but unfortunately most pizza oven owners will find their oven just won’t.  Most pizza ovens struggle to reach and maintain a consistent temperature in cooler weather conditions, which is when their credentials are really put to the test.  Unfortunately, it’s a test most fail.

Why you need a well-constructed wood-fired pizza oven 

For a Valoriani wood-fired oven, on the other hand, dealing with autumnal and winter weather conditions is not an issue, as every oven is designed and constructed superbly, is formed of top-quality, heat-retaining materials and has industry-leading levels of insulation.  

Valoriani ovens are formed of unique ‘cotto clay’, with exactly the right amount of alumina for the firing of brick.  This means they heat up swiftly and efficiently and the dome construction retains as much heat as is possible.  This mission is also assisted by the well-considered design of the oven, which is to one perfected in Italy a few generations ago, which has never been surpassed.  Let’s just say all the calculations were done, tests performed and tweaks and improvements made, so as to create the optimal oven.

Why you need a wood-fired oven with good insulation

Industry-leading cooking-floor thickness levels, and floors manufactured in a secret way, also ensure that once heat is built up, it stays within the oven.  The impressive insulation levels of a Valoriani oven also offer another advantage – ensuring you do not burn yourself on a red-hot shell.  That’s another big plus if cooking on autumnal evenings when the light is cast only by artificial means.

All of this means that the cooking experience is A1.  You can maintain the correct temperature, keep oven temperatures consistent (and you know how opening a closing a traditional oven door can affect those) and give your guests tremendous food every time.

Wood-fired ovens that cook more than pizza

Of course, when it comes to big celebratory occasions, variety is the spice of life.  What a shame then, that most pizza ovens only cook pizza and couldn’t possibly turn out a curry, Lancashire Hotpot, or tagine dish, to keep your guests’ hungry for more in cooler weather.  Fear not, though, your Valoriani wood-fired pizza oven will do all this and more. 

These ovens are so versatile, they will quickly become the social hub for all other autumn and winter events, such as Halloween and Bonfire night – superb opportunities to cook the perfect jacket potato, curry or stew. You can even use the Tuscan Grill accessory to rustle up sausages!  

Wood-fired World Cup parties – outdoors or indoors

One of our wood-fired ovens will radiate heat long after you’ve enjoyed the football and your fabulous culinary creations, keeping everyone warm and cosy for an evening of drinks and conversation outdoors.  With the oven door shut overnight, if it’s not particularly cold outside and the oven had a good fire-up during cooking, it should even be warm enough to rustle up some breakfast the next day.

Whatever you have planned for your World Cup entertaining this winter, remember that an Orchard Ovens wood-fired oven from Valoriani can create a celebration to remember.  However, should you be too chicken to cook al fresco once it hits late September, you can always opt for an indoor wood-fired oven.

If you would like to discuss how to incorporate an artisan-built Valoriani oven into your home, indoors or outdoors, with all options from a ready-to-go pizza oven to a full outdoor kitchen available, call us on 01772 250000 or email info@orchardovens.co.uk 

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