Bag Yourself a Woodfired Oven in National Pizza Month

It’s National Pizza Month – a celebration taking place every October, signifying the role that pizza plays in our lives, whether we own a woodfired pizza oven or not.

Pizza is the favourite fast food of people in the UK with more than half the population eating pizza every 10 days and consuming a whopping 731 pizzas in a lifetime.   Whether you favour the traditional Margherita or the more controversial Hawaiian, cooking it in an authentic Italian way is the key to maximising your enjoyment.  For that, you really need a woodfired oven!

Fear not!  Orchard Ovens has a range of indoor and outdoor ovens that will allow you to rustle up your pizza in the way that pizzerias and home cooks do across Italy.  Most are woodfired, cooking food with a real flame. If that makes you nervous, we do have gas-fired options available.

What’s so special about our ovens?

At Orchard Ovens, we pride ourselves on being the sole supplier of wood fired and gas fired ovens from a manufacturer that has been renowned across Italy for many generations.  

Valoriani are the kings of clay – the creators of superbly constructed woodburning ovens that are handmade by artisans who fully understand refractory materials and how these should augment the cooking process.

Valoriani creates its own oven floors in-house – something that sets it apart as an oven manufacturer.  It includes a huge amount of insulation within the ovens, to keep heat in and prevent the owner burning themselves on oven exteriors.  The ovens are designed in an optimum fashion, to ensure temperature is consistent throughout, with no cold spots.  This allows food to cook evenly and to perfection.

So which oven would suit you best?


Let’s start with the Fornino.  Artisan-built at the Valoriani factory in Tuscany, it is a great woodburning oven for those who love to eat al fresco.  We describe it as a ‘pronto’  oven, as it is literally ready to go.  A homeowner can be using it within a few hours of delivery and taking their first steps as a pizza chef.

The Fornino can be a wood fired oven that sits on a suitable base in your garden or within a fully functioning outdoor kitchen.  Alternatively, it can be supplied on a wheeled stand, for locational flexibility.  As it is available in two sizes, as a Fornino 60 or 75, you can decide how much  internal cooking capacity you want and opt for the model that suits.  

You can also choose between a wood-fired or gas-fired version, depending on whether mastering wood-fired cookery is your thing, or whether you simply want an outdoor pizza oven. 

This oven is a world apart from others in the market and will be with you as your family grows up.  Rather than simply buying an woodfired oven that adds to landfill issues in a year or so, you will have one that is with you for a good 10-15 years, making it an investment worth making.

The Cucina

Not everyone wants to cook outdoors, period.  Some customers simply love woodfired cookery so much that they want to have their oven indoors, rather than outdoors, cooking all year round.  Lucky for them, the Valoriani ‘Fornino’ has an indoor version – the Cucina.

The Cucina allows the woodfired or gas-fired oven to be at the heart of family life and a focal point within the kitchen.  For those wanting to explore its capabilities and cook a full range of foods, not just pizza, it’s ideal to bring it indoors.  Alternatively, have the best of both worlds, with a Cucina indoors and a Fornino outside!

With not just the standard Fornino colours of cream, red and black available, but any colour or design style you want – gloss matt, tiled or even glitter ball – you can ensure that the Cucina oven you choose will suit your kitchen.

If you want to hear why this oven is so great, why not read the words of a true Italian, Luca Ferrazzano who has been wowing his visitors from Naples since getting his Cucina fitted.

Bespoke build

As well as our ready-to-go Fornino and Cucina ovens, we also have other Valoriani-built, artisan ovens, which are supplied with the intention of then becoming part of a grander design.

This can, in fact, be as grand or as simple as you want to make it.  We have masses of experience in creating oven surrounds for a wide variety of customers, from A-listers to people just like you.  We can help you bring your vision to life, whether you just want a rustic surround, a contemporary oven centrepiece or something more exotic that reminds you of your travels abroad!

If you wish, you can simply buy the oven and have your own tradespeople construct the rest.  Otherwise, we can contribute to the design spec and arrange to help you create your dream garden feature. Why not download our brochure for inspiration?

Whatever you elect to do, you will have a first-class, beautifully constructed and fit-for-purpose oven at the heart of your al fresco cooking zone.  It will stand the test of time and soon underline for you why Valoriani ovens stand apart from the rest.

What next?

Still unsure where to begin; indoor, outdoor, gas or woodfired?  Contact the team at Orchard Ovens and  we can help you with all those big decisions.  Visit or call 01772 250000.

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