Beckham Wood-fired Oven Causes a Stir

There’s been enormous speculation as to which wood-fired pizza oven is featured in the ‘Beckham’ Netflix documentary.  Everyone loves the stylish contemporary aesthetic of the oven and how amazing it looks in its indoor setting.  Despite being very modern, it somehow blends into the rustic, country living vibe perfectly, acting as the backdrop to various conversations between David and Victoria, when at their Cotswolds residence.  

Our families here at Orchard Ovens and Valoriani love it too.  It is great to see that Victoria and David are as passionate about wood fired cooking as we are and share our belief in quality.

Celebrities and Valoriani wood-fired ovens

The reputation of our brand and our work frequently brings us into contact with celebrities and A-listers.  Understandably, confidentiality agreements often apply.  It’s just the way it is but when you are constructing and building bespoke pizza oven arrangements for people who, although famous, are also typically humble and normal individuals.  Their fame means everyone wants to know every detail of their lives, but they crave privacy  They don’t want everyone knowing about their oven. They want to surprise and thrill their guests, not have them know what lies in store when they arrive to be entertained.

They also often want to be a little bit ‘exclusive’ with us; not having all their friends and contacts know where they can also source such a fantastic wood-fired oven.

Celebrities and TV Chefs happy to say they’ve adopted our wood-fired ovens

Some celebrities have, however, been happy to help us build our brand story and have openly supported us with credits and photography that we have been able to use in photography over the years.  Names that spring to mind are Gwyneth Paltrow and Jamie Oliver.  TV chef James Martin uses our pizza oven in the cookery programmes filmed at his home.  There are many more celebrities happy to let people know they bought a Valoriani oven from us, along with A-listers in their own field, such as Formula 1’s Ross Brawn.

Our team has travelled the world fitting ovens for such highly influential and well-known clients.  Many have had an expert architect or designer specify a Valoriani oven for their outdoor kitchen or garden.  Others have just learned of us through word-of-mouth.  

Many celebrity chefs are ‘in the know’ when it comes to the quality of Valoriani ovens and would settle for nothing less. They want the true authenticity that comes from our Tuscan ovens, along with their construction credentials, first-class heat-promoting and heat-retaining refractory materials and renowned longevity.  They just want best-in-class.

Getting a ‘celebrity’ wood-fired pizza oven in your home

The fantastic thing, however, is that any homeowner can have the same.  They can benefit from a superb Valoriani wood-fired oven from a price point of less than £2000, by choosing a ready-to-go Fornino oven.  If they have more to spend, they can work out a budget and either build an oven surround themselves, usually with the assistance of tradespeople, or ask us to use our specific oven-building expertise and create the oven ‘housing’ for them.  Either way, a Valoriani wood-fired oven will sit at the heart of it.

We’ve built some amazing oven surrounds over the years – rustic, quirky, classical, themed, contemporary, fairy-tale and limited only by the imagination of the new oven owner.

Pizza oven kits for keen DIY-ers

Should a homeowner be a practical and keen DIY-er, however, they could opt to buy an oven kit and build their own oven.  Once again, the pieces in the kit will be superbly manufactured by the artisans at the Valoriani factory in Reggello, whose expert eyes and trained hands oversee every part of production.

We don’t see many celebrities going down the kit route, of course, but perhaps one day we’ll sell a pizza oven kit to one of the TV ‘builder’ experts on a DIY show.  That would be a first!

In the meantime, regardless of whether you are a follower of fashion and wish to take up the Beckhams’ example or simply a homeowner wanting the real deal when it comes to a wood-fired or gas-fired ‘pizza’ oven, indoor or outdoor, do get in touch.  We can find a solution for virtually anyone who appreciates quality and great manufacturing and production values.

Call us on 01772 250000 and we can start to realise your wood-fired oven and outdoor or indoor lifestyle and culinary dreams.

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