Light Up Bonfire Night the Wood-Fired Oven Way

As Bonfire Night fireworks light up skies this November, the real show-stopper, at Orchard Ovens’ customers’ events, will undoubtedly be their Valoriani wood-fired oven.

The reason for this is that eyes cannot resist being drawn to the flickering flames within the oven – which can prove as big a draw as the rockets and Catherine Wheels. Food theatre is always assured, given the great visibility of the flames offered by our wood-fired ovens’ mouths and design. As tasty seasonal treats are rustled up for friends and family, there’s sure to be a huddle around the chef!

Autumn wood-fired oven cookery 

Thanks to their culinary versatility, in particular, our wood-fired ovens transition from serving up delightful summer dishes to warming autumnal feasts, with ease.  They are constructed using the finest firebrick, the optimum amount of insulation and a cooking floor depth to an industry-leading level.  

Undoubtedly, this provides a lot of help when cooking in cooler months, as well as offering optimal cooking performance in warmer ones and a safe, cool oven shell all year round.  

With endless dish possibilities, including curries, light and fluffy toad in the hole, and spicy, aromatic chilli con carne, your celebrations are sure to go off with a bang! 

Alternatively, you could, of course, create family favourites, such as burgers and sausages, which cook perfectly on our handy Tuscan Grill accessory, but why not impress your guests and take your cooking skills to the next level?  Get your sparklers at the ready and read on, for our top recommendations for a Bonfire Night banquet to remember!

Wood-fired oven tips for Bonfire Night cookery

When creating sharing-style food, one-pot wonders and warming autumnal dishes, a Valoriani oven outshines the competition.  For example, did you know you can bake the best jacket potatoes in a wood-fired oven?  Wrap them in foil and put them in the back of the oven for 90 minutes and they emerge with perfectly crispy skin and soft fluffy centres, ready for lashings of butter and toppings of your choice.  A great tip, if you get the spuds in early, is to leave them at the back of the oven, whilst other dishes are cooking!

For the ultimate winter warmer, try this Wild Boar Sausage Toad in the Hole from Olive magazine.  Pork or venison sausages can be used as an alternative and we recommend a handful of sliced or chopped onions and Bramley Apple, to add a fruity flavour to this hearty dish.

More wood-fired oven food inspiration

For a super-quick dish that packs a punch, we love ‘Chilli con Jamie’ by Orchard Ovens’ customer, Jamie Oliver.  Made using beef brisket for that extra depth of flavour, it will bubble away nicely in your wood-fired oven, until you’re ready to serve with rice or freshly baked garlic bread.

How about fondue, served in a pumpkin?  The very creative Good Housekeeping cookery team share this fun Pumpkin Fondue which would work perfectly baked in a wood-fired oven, giving it an extra smoky flavouring.  Your guests will be unable to resist, especially if you serve it with a fragrant focaccia bread for dipping.

Finally, don’t forget to serve a sweet treat or two!  These Easy Baked Apples from BBC Food could not be easier.  Serve with salted caramel ice-cream for extra indulgence.  

How to join our wood-fired oven family

With many of our customers still enjoying their Valoriani ovens 20 years after purchase, why not give us a call to discuss how you could incorporate an artisan-built Valoriani oven into your home, garden or outdoor kitchen and create celebrations to remember?  Call us on 01772 250000 or email 

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