Dish Fit for a King: Wood-fired Royal Scottish Celebration Trout

Our special Coronation Day menu for King Charles III and Queen Camilla featured a special wood-fired trout dish that we are sure would have His Majesty’s approval. It was just one part of a special celebration wood fired Coronation Big Lunch that we prepared in our artisan-built, authentic Italian woodffired ovens by Valoriani, which are so much more than a pizza oven.


One Large Scottish Trout, prepared and cleaned

Slices of fresh Lemon

Slices of fresh Lime

Slices of one strawberry

Pinch fresh parsley

Pinch of fresh thyme

1 tbsp of olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

½  glass of Champagne (or white wine)


Season the cavity of the fish with Parsley, Thyme, Salt and pepper.  

Lay the slices of fruit in the cavity

Sprinkle the outside of the fish with olive oil.

Wrap the fish in tin foil, before closing the foil pour the champagne inside the foil before putting the foiled fish into wood-fired oven.

Cooking time is difficult to predict, but assuming an oven temperature of around 300ºC, after approximately 15 minutes, remove the tin foil and check if the fish is cooked.  A good sign is for the eyes to be white and clear.  If necessary, rewrap in foil and allow it to continue cooking, checking it regularly.

Serve with a glass of champagne and seasonal vegetable of your choice. As this recipe was designed for the Kings Coronation we used Fresh Asparagus lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, placed in an oven proof dish with a sprinkle of champagne and placed in the oven for 5 minutes (in a very hot Pizza temperature oven cover the dish with foil.) 

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